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ESET File Security Scheduler

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Good Morning,

I am having an issue with our ESET File Security Scheduler. I currently have it installed on quite a few servers, however, within the last 4 servers that I have installed it on, the policy from the ESET Remote Administrator Console is not being pulled down to the servers with the file security on it. It is like they are reporting to some different policy. Is there a way to trace back to where they are reporting to? Thanks for your time.


Daniel Vickery

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Hello dvickery,


Please specify versions of ERA and EFSW, as versions 6 have been reworked and function differently than the previous versions (mainly concerning configuration, policies, etc.)

In version 6 it is the Agent (standalone application installed on the system) that communicates with ERA and the server's address was defined upon the Agent's installation.

In case of previous versions, you can check Advanced settings of EFSW > Tools > Remote administration to see the address of the server it connects to.

Also, you can check your ERA console to see when the client last connected, what its assigned policy is, etc.




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