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I have a problem with  era not  binding correctly  connected agents with computers that were synchronised from AD. I have constant problems with computers ending in lost and foud , even though a few days ago the were correctly assigned.


I have tried static ip, dhcp updating dns records, dns scavanging and seriously nothing helps - Era still will put often machines in lost and found.



How can i fix it once and for all ?







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I have run it few times ( renaming + synchronization) and content of lost and found hasn't changed. How does it exctly work ? Do i need to change it's configuration ?



Best Regards,


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  • ESET Moderators

The feature is not directly related to moving computers between groups. The task will periodically rename computers located in Lost & Found static group using the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FDQN). This will allow subsequent static group synchronization task to remove duplicate entries for computers.

Afterwards, you can categorize the computers in the groups where you want to put them.

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  • Administrators

If you're having issues with syncing clients with AD, navigate to Admin -> Server tasks -> Tasks -> Static group synchronization -> New and configure synchronization with AD.

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Thank You for response.


My problem is that one day workstation ( let's say pc1.xxx.com ) is active in OU = LAPTOPS , and few days later it ends up in Lost and Found ( name is the same, so is IP address ).




- Lost and found

          pc1.xxx.com    IP  -- Last active 7/10/2015



          pc1.xxx.com      IP  -- Last active 5/10.2015


Why is this happening ? Name doesn't change.


The only thing that i can do is to delete all computers from lost and found and hope that it will end up in target Ou .


I have both scripts ( ad synchronization and Rename ) working everyday .




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