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what is an in-depth scan


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i am not sure what exactly an in-depth scan is or does.

My settings are default - seems nothing is selected (computer, c,  etc).  Is this default settings ok.


When i get a chance, i am trying to learn the setups - thus the questions "now & then".



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Have you read/looked up anything in the ESET knowledgebase?




Afterr installation did clicked on/set anything (profiles, scan set up, going in to advance set up) in NOD32?


"HELP" is built in to your ESET product.


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I went to the knowledge base - learnt what smart optimization is.  Looks like the indepth scan will not use the smart optimization which is good, for them times i want to have a more "indepth" scan.


Am i right in assuming that when i press "default" all settings are set to default?


Thanks for your help - you have been a gold mine of info, & it is appreciated.  I get on this forum to better learn nod32 during my "downtimes".  the Knowledge base is good - need people like you with wisdom about the knowledge to help people like myself.  After all knowledge without wisdom is kind of futile.


So thanks.


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OK ...we'll get you to where you need to be. What you should do when you have time is go into setup>entire advanced setup and just look at the settings one by one-line by line. Jot things down, then look them up in help or knowledgebase or ask us. Don't change anything if you are not sure. But become familar with the product/tool. 

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