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Clearing expired event

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Will someone please just give a sensible answer as to why alerts that were generated days ago (failed to contact server) and have been subsequently voided by the process then completing still show up as critical in the system? It just makes no sense to me :( I log into the console and all I see are red alerts for events that are no longer valid.


If someone takes a laptop out of the office and it fails to connect, why does this then show as an alert when they come back into the office and actually connect?


Is there any logic?



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I can understand this info being kept in a log of historic problems... but the system should definitely detect resolved problems (especially connection ones!), and not show them once cleared.


This should apply to virus definitions and OS updates too, as these are only really useful whilst current! Once system is updated, ERA should show as green for these machines instantly.


Is this coming in ERA v6.2?



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