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Disable some alerts

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ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.1.530.0

ESET Remote Administrator (Webconsole), Version 6.1.334.0


I wish to disable email scanning and also the web component. I have done this ok through policies.


Both the client and admin console report this as a problem though. How can I stop both raising it as a problem so I can concentrate on seeing actual problems and not false alerts for these actions I have requested?


Thank you

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You can disable the warnings under User interface -> Application statuses. However, I would never recommend disabling email or web protection even if you don't receive email or browse the web on that computer. Disabling this protection layer would expose the computer at risk and the computer could get infected with malware.

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Hi Marcos


I assume that is on a Windows client? Is there anything similar on a Mac client? I will have a mix of both but only have the Mac one in front of me at the moment (still in the testing stage, not rolled out yet. Currently on v4!).


Is there anyway to push this in a policy? I've been looking and yet to find anything. 


Is there anyway to stop the web console complaining about it other wise every client will be red?


I understand and accept the risks.



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