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Does ESS still crash Windows 10?

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I previously had problems with the ESS firewall crashing Windows after upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10 as detailed in this thread.


Since then I have wiped my hard disk and done a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro (x64).

For several days afterwards I got random crashes and reboots of Windows.


The only common factor is that there would have been Internet activity at the time (e.g streaming music or video, uploading files to OneDrive or just browsing the web).


I guessed that ESS firewall might be to blame again so I uninstalled ESS and rebooted.


For almost the last 3 weeks I have been running without ESS installed and Windows 10 has been very stable and not crashed once. ESS 8.0.319 and previous versions were always very stable on Windows 8.1.


Have the compatibility problems between ESS and Windows 10 been solved yet, or will I start getting crashes again if I reinstall ESS?


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Has the firewall component been updated since Windows 10 was launched on 29 July?


If you look in the About box there will be a list of components with a version number and date for each one.


What is the version and date for the firewall?

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I took a risk and re-installed ESS.


After 1 day of use I am getting the random crashes again.


The first time I was watching a video on YouTube when Windows crashed. The second time was about a minute after Windows re-booted.


The last 3 weeks without ESS were crash free but just after re-installing it Windows crashes again.


I have uninstalled ESS and will have to rely on Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. Windows seems to have got upset by the crash as I have had to reset my OneDrive settings again.


Unless Eset can say they have fixed the problem I will not be installing ESS again.


If that does not happen soon then I will have to look for an alternate anti-virus and firewall.


I have been using Eset for many years and had very few problems with it but I can not afford to have my computer crashing and possibly losing data etc.

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Go to Control Panel > System > Advanced > Startup and Recovery and uncheck the Restart box. For now leave the Small Memory Dump box checked.

This will allow a Blue Screen error to show and write a fault log.


Then go online and search for Blue Screen View. It will be on Nirsoft.com so you know you are at the correct site.


Install it. During a Blue Screen crash a file is written to a folder that I don't remember the name at the moment.


Blue Screen View can read that dump file and point to the cause of the Blue Screen. There are people that can understand a dump file, NOT ME, which can point to the program that caused the dump >it's not as easy as it seems<.


There are other programs that can help. "What Crashed" ? is one. I had it installed, but it didn't help me.


Any time I get a new computer or install Windows, I turn on that setting in System, because without it, no one has any chance to help.


I only had one crash on this laptop in two years with 8.1 and the dump pointed me in the right direction of the video driver I installed. The Blue Screeh did not happen very often either.

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I changed the System failure settings to generate a small memory dump and not automatically restart. I then rebooted.


Unfortunately when Windows crashed it went suddenly (just like someone pulling the plug) and did not generate a minidump in "C:\Windows\minidump" (%SystemRoot%\Minidump) or show the error on a blue screen. The computer also restarted.


I found that I could easily crash the computer within a few minutes just by listening to Internet Radio. I repeated this test several times.


I disabled Eset Personal Firewall in ESS but kept everything else enabled. I also enabled Windows Firewall.

So far the computer has been running for several hours with Internet Radio playing, uploading files to OneDrive and watching YouTube videos etc. and not crashed once.


The finger of suspicion does seem to be pointing at Eset Personal Firewall.

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Guess you will have to wait for one of the ESS techs. A driver would have created a blue screen. Keep those system settings because they may help in the future.

Sorry I couldn't be of better help.

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The only BSOD on Windows 10 was caused by epfwwfp.sys which occurred when the operating system returned completely invalid and unexpected data. A workaround to prevent BSOD in such cases was included in the Firewall module 1278.1 released on Aug 17th.

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According to the About Box I have Personal firewall module 1278.1 (20150803) which, I presume, means that it was released on August 3rd not August 17th.


Is there a newer version? Do I need to enable pre-release updates?


My computer has now been on for over 24 hours and I have not had one crash since disabling the Personal firewall.


I disabled it with the Eset GUI and also unchecked "Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter" in the network adapter settings.

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  • 2 weeks later...

My computer has been running without a single crash for over a week now since I disabled the Personal Firewall module and used Windows Firewall instead.


Has any progress been made on fixing this bug?


Is there any information that I can supply to help you fox it?

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I've just tried running with pre-release updates.

It has run about 24 hours non-stop connected to the same Internet Radio station as before and other sites without crashing.


Performing the same test with Eset Personal Firewall 1278.1 (20150803) would repeatedly crash within 10 to 15 minutes.


I looks like the problem may be fixed with Eset Personal Firewall 1283B (20150821).


How long before this is released to the standard (non pre-release) update stream?

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