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mbam free and z-alarm fw free


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Hi there.

Is Nod 32 compatible with MBAM FREE.

Is Nod 32 compatible with zone alarm FREE firewall?  Or is windows firewall good enough.

Thanks - this is a good forum.

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Hello jems,


MBAM no problem-been using ESS with MBAM Prem for years.



zone alarm free-no idea.


I've heard Win firewall + NOD is ok.


I used ESS for years-No issues.

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thanks TomFave,

appreciate the help.

I have had many S. Suites over the years.

Decided to go with a proven (Nod32) antivirus.

Thot w. firewall was getting better ratings.  I have a wireless router - maybe that is enough firewall?

MBAM Free is something i have used now & then.

Thanx again.

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If you want to use a firewall, go for ESET Smart Security (ESS) instead of ESET NOD32 Antivirus. ESS is an integrated security solution where other components can communicate with the ESET firewall and vice-versa which makes it more effective in terms of antivirus protection with lower resource consumption compared to having antivirus and firewall as separate applications.

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