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Do I need Zonealarm with Nod32?

Guest ian

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I have both Nod32 v6 and Zonealarm (free) loaded onto XP. Do I need Zonealarm? What are my option if I want to get rid of it (e.g. Upgrade to get the nod firewall, get windows defender etc)?




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Yes NOD32 does not include a Firewall, so it might be good to have ZoneAlarm in your case for.


But if I were you I would upgrade NOD32 to ESET Smart Security wich includes a firewall, as having ESS alone instead of both NOD32 and Zonealarm would be a lighter solution in my experience.

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Windows XP has it's own native Firewall.

Use of third party software may not be necessary unless you wish to deploy ZoneAlarm just the same.




Even though that I use Eset Smart Security and are very pleased regarding its firewall performance, then I am inclined to agree with siljaline. Windows native firewall is actully quite solid. So I would absolutely have no fear in just using nod32 and Windows  firewall.


Regards, Janus

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