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nod32 update


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Eset keeps reporting on the update screen the follwoing:

virus signature database ended with an error.  - Server not found.


I work mostly offline - does nod32 send updates on a regular basis?

Is it possible to only update virus update manually?


Thanks.  Im a newbie with eset, but i like it.

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Hello jems. By default NOD32 checks for updates once an hour.

It is updated at least once a day with new virus definitions and occasional program component updates.

You can adjust the default time via tools> scheduler>regular automatic update.


I myself like to have the latest updates for maximum protection, so I don't think doing it manually is a good idea (for me...I forget things).

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thanks.  i kind of figured that was it - i was just concerned that i as getting the updates when i would do it manually when i went online. 

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