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Windows 10 - manual removal. Did not backup network settings !

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A customer of mine recently left a laptop with me as it was not booting up.  It did boot up in Safe Mode and via BlueScreenView I discovered that the problem appeared to be with 'epfwwfp.sys' - a component of Eset Firewall.  As I could not boot normally and only into Safe Mode I had to use the removal tool to uninstall Eset Smart Security.  I read the warning about backing up the network settings before removal BUT after the uninstall and rebooting I couldn;t find the file I saved.  :-(


The machine will now boot normally but I have no network connections.  Both network adaptors are in Device Manager and both show as "This device is working properly".  I've uninstalled both ethernet and wireless adaptors and reinstalled but nothing has an affect.  Both the network indicators (ethernet or wireless) show the yellow warning symbol.


So ..... how can I get the problem resolved please?



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If you check network properties, is there ESET Lightweight filter listed? If so, remove it from there or disable it by unchecking the appropriate check-box.

The problem with BSOD caused by epfwwfp.sys is caused by Windows 10 supplying invalid data to the driver for some reason. This week we've released a new firewall module which contains a possible workaround for cases when invalid data is passed by the OS to prevent BSOD.

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Thanks for the reply.  I thought I may as well try reinstalling Eset, and uninstalling via Control Panel as the machine was now booting ok.  This worked and corrected the problem.  I reinstalled Eset again and the machine is now back with its owner and working correctly.

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