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Installing ESET Remote Administrator using SQL 2008 R2 Failover Cluster and a named instance

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We're trying to setup ERA v6, I'm doing a component install because we want a cluster setup, and getting stuck at the database section of the Server install.




It appears it's unable to understand our SQL cluster with a named instance, note we are NOT using SQL Express, so we cannot fix the port, SQL Clusters and named instances don't work that way, it uses port 1434 to look up the details, or should do. We've tried with 1434 or leaving the Port field empty, the installer insists on a port being specified, normally in this setup the port is left blank.


We have an ERA v5 server, for our older Windows 2000 servers still knocking around we're unable to get rid of (some of them there are plans underway to upgrade or replace), and of course our Linux servers and odd workstations, since v6 doesn't support Linux at the moment.


On ERA v5, it was possible to just enter a DSN name into the ESET Installer, and do the SQL db configuration in the Windows ODBC Administrator, that's how our ERA v5 is working, however on the v6 installer this option is not present.


Additionally, as part of our testing to confirm this, we found that if an era_db had been created beforehand, then it refused to use it saying it was not for ESET purpose or was corrupted, so we have to grant ESET installer account full server permissions to create a database? That's a bit unusual.


I have an open ticket with support, but this is dragging on.... are we the only one wanting an ESET Cluster install and a SQL Cluster with named instance? Anyone else managed to get this setup working?

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