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eset unable to make registry corrections on malware infected computer

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when an user notices virus detected on his or her computer, a scan & clean drive often is enough to clean the system. but for fresh installations on an infected system, there are several registry restrictions effected by the malware such as hiding virus files, exe execution, files & folder permissions, firewall service, not able to boot in safe mode, hidden folders on removable drive, etc.


some antiviruses are able to automatically correct these problems during a scan & clean operation. while eset would clean almost everything, it often leaves these registry issues untouched. having to rely on third party tools or free software is required.


why is eset not able to do the simple registry corrections that will allow smooth working after installation of eset antivirus ? leaving the registry errors / permissions uncorrected, actually exposes the system to repeated risks in future.

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Because security policies were created by Microsoft for a reason and it's not possible to distinguish between policies set by malware and those set by users (administrators). ESET has stand-alone cleaners for some of the mentioned malware modifications which should be used to revert such changes, if not made intentionally.

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malware screws registry, changing policies, & eset refuses to correct them, saying "not my job" ?


who will do it then ?


meanwhile please help me & let me know, which eset tools correct these issues :


1. file & folder permissions

2. no admin rights

3. all folders on removable drives hidden & shortcuts created.

4. not able to execute executable files

5. disabled firewall service

6. not able to boot in safe mode

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