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Dynamic Groups update speed

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I recently created a few dynamic group templates and dynamic groups, but they just don't seem to work. Template is AND type with rule stated as follows: "Installed software:Application name" contains Agent


Still, after I add it to Dynamic Group of Windows Computers it's reported as empty. Should I wait a bit? Did I do something wrong?


The idea was to create a few templates to catch all clients with Agent already in place but AV software itself is missing.

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It may take some time before you see a computer in a specific dynamic group:

1, Agent running on the computer has to connect to ERAS to get data about dynamic groups (besides other stuff). By default, agent connects to ERAS in 20 minute intervals, however, you can send a wake-up call to the client to eliminate this delay.

2, Agent has to connect to ERAS again to send information about dynamic groups in which the computer is at the moment. Again, you can send a wake-up call to avoid waiting several minutes for agent to connect automatically but give agent about a minute to evaluate dynamic group membership.

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