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Problems with scheduled tasks not running in Win10

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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 (clean installation).


I've always used scheduled tasks in Smart Security to run a virus scan on my system drive and download drive, every morning, Monday through to Saturday, and then a scan on ALL my drives on Sunday.  Since installing Smart Security on Win10 I've not managed to get any of my scheduled tasks to run.


This is how the daily scan is set up:




The weekly is the same, but is set for Sunday, and all drives.


They just won't run - the weekly has only had one chance, but the daily has had several chances to run.


My system isn't set to sleep at all, though the hard drives do spin down after an hour of idle


I've tried deleting the tasks, reboot, setting them up again and then rebooting, yet they still don't run.



Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Many thanks

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