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Problem connecting to the internet

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I'm trying to eliminate the network problem I have. Every time my computer go to sleep (when a scan is finish and pick up utorrect.exe as an unwanted software which I have to ignore all the time.) and wake up from it, I'll lose internet connection. Even though window 7 64bit still say it is connected from the internet.  window network diagnostic pick up nothing. I have tried manually go into sleep mode and wake up from sleep mode (without any scan) but can't produce the same problem that I'm having.  I have checked ipconfig /all and everything is correct.  I can ping my router, my switch but not the internet.  Other user in the network can access my computer but I can't access them or the internet. The odd things is my steam can access the message part of the software but not access any things else in steam. Firefox cant load any pages from the internet, email software cant access mail server.  I have turn off firewall for 10min my smart security and turn off all protection for 10min and refresh all ip address, DNS address etc and I still can't connect to the internet.  The only way to fix it is rebooting.  I have eliminate everything down to smart security.  Can anyone that know the product give me some help if you know why? 


I'm pointing something wrong with smart security 8 because after the program updates the software is acting up.  It start picking utorrent as and unwanted application.  Things it should pick up and it didn't, things that in ignore list get pickup, select delete as action and file still on the computer.... another word it not doing what it is told to do. it kind of operating in a mode that half user setting and half Ai mode.


I have not uninstall yet, as it seems a few people are getting more problem uninstalling and reinstalling.

Is there a package from Eset that can scan all the Smart security file to make sure they are original from eset and not any hacked or doctored file from some fake web site...?  i have my computer on 24/7 unless it goes into sleep mode.  One or two possible problem are that smart security is somehow causing network driver to crash (after scan) with out window picking up or some setting which is not set before are now casuing problem etc.


Thanks you. 

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Does temporarily changing firewall integration to "Personal protocol filtering is completely disabled" or "Only scan application protocols" make a difference? If not, what about temporarily disabling application protocol filtering or disabling ESET Lightweight filter in your LAN connection properties?

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i've only test the "personal protocol filtering is completely disabled" have not tried only scan application protocols I will give this a tried as the problem is very hard to produce.  it only occure after the scan is finish and the scan must be activatied automatically in idle state.


I have tried temporarily disabling application protocol filtering and tried disabling eset lightweight filter in the lan connection properties.  The problem is still there but sometime problem are there and sometime it is not...  The problem is getting abit confusing, because there so many combination to test out. Some application like steam have internet (messageing part of the software) but not others parts.  This problem happen when Smart security ask for window update before it will work properly a few weeks ago.  maybe i will role back to that point and then install the window update one by one to see which one is causing problem with smart security.


Will reply back if i find a solution.

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