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For partners and vip users with premium support we provide 24/7 support. I'd suggest contacting your local distributor for more information on premium support.

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24/7 for your average user? Why?


It cost $$$. $10 here, 5€ there...somebody has to pay for it.

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@chrlshlmn, I think you're in the US where there is quite a robust technical support offered, which I have listed in order of speed and availability (subjectively) below: 
In-product contextual help
If you have question about a feature or a screen you're on, press F1 on your keyboard to open the help topic for that screen. 
Available 24 hours
Knowledgebase search 
open 24 hours. Alerts published 24 hours for high profile issues demanding immediate attention. Natural language search for finding solution/instructions for your issue. If the content doesn't exist, we want to know about it so we can create it. 
YouTube videos
by live Chat 
during normal business hours. 
by Email 
On-site and remote technical support agents typically respond to emails within a few hours during business hours. 
by Phone 
Call: +1 (619) 630-2300 in San Diego, California
Monday - Friday, 6:00am - 6:00pm Pacific Time [GMT-8]
Social Media
  • ask and receive answers from Twitter www.twitter.com/esetna (24 hours)
  • This forum (24 hours)

I even wrote a series of blog posts (never published) that describe all the many ways you can access technical support, and used a cool photo of the German not-an-F1 race car:




ESET Help – The first three lines of offense
Part 1: Press F1 for Help
Part 2: The ESET Knowledgebase
Part 3: Searching the Knowledgbase 
Part 4: Contacting Customer Care


We welcome any and all feedback regarding how we offer support in the US, so please feel free to offer any suggestions that you have. We have teams and teams of tech support agents, knowledgebase technical writers, quality assurance, etc. to only focus on offering the best support possible--but we always strive to do better. So let us know what you would like to see, and it will be discussed. 


Thanks @chrlshlmn

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technical correction for race car
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Thank you foneil-I guess in my round about, ham fisted kind-of way, that's what I was trying to say. I too am in the US and I've never felt customer care was far away or hard to use. In fact, I've always been well cared for!


 P. S. ...nice car! (458 Italia? But sorry, it's not a F1 car-see below-your car could run at Le Mans-GT class I think)

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