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ERA Design Implementation


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We are trying to architect an ERA plan that will take into account laptop devices that are often not on our corporate network for long periods of time.  We can always tell the local client to communicate directly with the ESET servers, but we also want the client to communicate with our ERA environment for auditing and tracking purposes.  Is there a recommended design or plan that ESET has to allow for this?


My first thought is to put an ERA proxy on our DMZ that will communicate with our ERA server.  I would like to get other opinions and hear what others are doing for scenarios like this.  Thanks in advance.

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Is this ERA 5.x or ERA .x ? The architecture has changed dramatically between 5 and 6.


For us, we just have a single ERA 6.x instance of both scenarios, and we port forward in our firewall using a non-default port. That way we're covered for clients both inside and outside.


Just my 2p.




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