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New without name Folder.lnk Virus

Guest Ali Kiani

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Guest Ali Kiani

Hi Friends:


I am facing now days a type of virus which is the cause of portable media(Flash Drives mostly). When i double click my flash drive. This virus autometically activated and bring all of my Flash drive contents into a folder.lnk(such .lnk type appears when i place cursor on the virus). It look like Flash Drive icon and When i double click on that .lnk(Without name), all of flash contents appears in new window. How can i found it is a folder? When i cut and past all of my contents from the said virus to my flash, this without named .lnk appears as folder icon and also open as a folder.

Sorry i am ain't too good in english so here are my point conclusions.


1. New without name folder.lnk Virus

2. Possible cause by Portable media(Flash Drive etc.)

3. Activated on double clicking the portable media

4. Appears as Drive icon

5. When empoty look like and work as a folder

6. Powerfull in windows xp but less damage windows 7

7. Even entiviruses act it as folder and leave it.

Kindly Help me. I am using ESET Nod32 v5 which yet unable to detect it even updated dailly.

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