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Scan in Safe Mode and adware Spigot.b

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I ran the program (nod32) in Safe Mode because I thought there may be a problem.  It appeared to run normally (about 1.5 hours) but did not come up with any problems.

Upon restart to Win 7 it did not show the scan in the Scan Log file (last scan was 6/01/15 per the log).

Is this normal when running in Safe Mode?


I ran another scan in Win 7 and it found adware Spigot.B but it defaulted to" No Action" under Action.

Should I change it to "Delete"?

The full path is C:\program files\common files\spigot\GC\saebay_1.1.crx




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Personally I would delete every infectious trace ESET finds.  Since this is adware it is not as difficult as a rootkit so it won't be as hard to remove.  So what I would do is go to the location of the infection and scan it with ESET (I would probably scan the whole Spigot folder).  That should be enough to trigger a threat alert from Nod32. 

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