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How to set bios password on Windows


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Nowadays, we set password on our computer and phone are in order to ensure security. But we all know BIOS password is the first protection layer for our computer, so how to set a bios password on our Windows computer is very important. Can you give me some tips about how to do it? Thanks you.

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Hello and welcome korence.


Have you looked at these Microsoft support topics?





Or here's HTG's results:



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You have to do that in the bios screen. Most computers use F2 or the delete key to enter the bios, at boot or look at the manual for your computer.

Just page through each page until you see a password prompt. Could be Administrator or User entry. Either is ok but not both.

JUST WATCH YOUR TYPING AND WRITE THE PASSWORD DOWN IN A SAFE PLACE. It can be reset in a desktop, but a loptop is a big problem.

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