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Licensed VS Non-Licensed


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I am currently using a free/trial version. Planning to get a license and activate the product.

However I would like to know what is the features/benefits of purchasing a licensed key? In comparison of the free version, as I noticed the virus definition can still be updated in the free version. It seems no difference to me. :wacko: 

Thanks. :) 


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Updates work only during the 30-day trial period in the trial version. After the period has ended, you can either uninstall ESET or purchase it.

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Hi Marcos,

Do you mean the "virus definition" updates will only work during trial?


Yes. Its a trial (test period) so it has to end at some point, this one ends on day 31 since its only valid for 30 days. You will no longer receive any virus signature update (or product updates) after that. You can go and buy a license online and have it ready so you can replace your trial username and password on day 30 and continue to receive updates.

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