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virus signature database is not reported in computer details

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I'm doing test with Era V6. Never used Eset product before.
I've just installed one era server under linux and have two clients Endpoint Antivirus under Windows.
After few hours clients doesn't report anymore the virus signature database in the details of computers, replaced by "n/a"

Also, computers are not anymore in the "Windows computers" dynamic group, they have been automatically removed from it.
It looks like the client agent doesn't report some information as it does. Nethertheless threats seems to be reported correctly ...
If someone can help, it would be great.

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The membership in dynamic groups is evaluated by agent on clients. Check details of a client to confirm that it has connected recently. If so, try reinstalling agent on one of the clients and see if that fixes it.

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Hi Marcos,


I've already tried to uninstall/re-install agent on client PCs, but the same behaviour occurs each time. After few hours, data are "lost".

Clients seem to connect in the normal way, each 20 mins.






you can see on the screenshot the client has now lost the "applied policies count". it should have 1 policy .



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