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Stop the "Eset Service"? Service affecting game.


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So, I have Eset AV8 on Win10 (Same problem in 8.1)

Wife plays the Origin version of Sims 2.

Intro plays in the game, then black screen for several minutes. Then the game starts.

I'm sorry to say that it is the Eset Service that is doing this.

Game-mode does not help.

And net stop "Eset Service" not working.


What to do about this?


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First of all, narrow it down to the particular module by disabling each, one at a time. Also make sure you use default settings as custom HIPS rules could theoretically cause the mentioned issues.

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Please do the following:

- enable HIPS

- clear the HIPS log

- enable logging of blocked operations in the advanced setup

- reproduce the problem

- disable logging

- copy the records from your HIPS log and post them here.


Does temporarily disabling self-defense and (or) Advanced memory scanner make a difference?

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