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Online Activated Seats does not match total count of devices

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Hey guys,


It's been a while since I posted anything but I got a strange issue on my end. In License Management, the total 'Online Activated Seats' lists 72, but when I tally the number of devices in all of the dynamic and static groups, I only count 70. So there are two devices that are unaccounted for or ERA forgot how to count  :lol: .


We recently went through a merger and there was a lot of shifting around, so I'm sure the miscount could be due to a licensed computer that was unplugged from the network. 


Is there a way for me to see a list or generate a report of all the licensed devices, rather than a number?



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So I found out that you can manage the clients through the ELA, so thanks everyone for the help. +1


Also, the checkboxes are missing so I can't deactivate any computer??


I tried multiple different browsers: Chrome, FF, IE and nothing changes on each. Did the developers seriously put out the ELA without the checkboxes? Good going guys! 

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