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ESS 7 Beta expiration from Oct 2013 to "0" days

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I seem to have an issue with the trial license that was sent me by Eset last June 25th for the trial of ESS 7 Beta. I just saw this yesterday saying I have "0" days remaining. See image attached. 
When I activated it again via the ESS 7 Beta gui it showed that I stil have "0" days left. See image attached. 
I checked my email and the email said that I have until 08/12/2013 as Trial. When I started the trial last June 25th, my expiration was Oct 2013. Now it's only 30 days. I had to activate using the previous email sent by Eset. See image attcahed.



How can I post an imgae from an image hosting site here...?

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Since we don't know your username and email address used for registration, I'd suggest contacting Customer care to verify your license.

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The TRIAL-0089988217 license appears to be valid until 10/31/2013, so there might be some sort of issue with reading the date on the computer.  My suggestion would be to verify the time and date are set correct, clear the update cache and then restart the computer.  If problems persist, you will need to open a ticket with a support engineer so that they can further investigate the issue.




Aryeh Goretsky

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