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Reporting phishing

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Hi guys. I sent couple of phishing webpage to eset phishing reporting page yesterday but so far nothing was done. And pages are still accesable and eset doesnt block . Im wondering if that page is legit and really working  (hxxp://phishing.eset.com/report)


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  • Former ESET Employees

You can always reach out to our labs direct by emailing samples@eset.com


Some things to note when submitting a false positive, potentially malicious site, product bug, etc:


1. In the Subject line: Indicate if the attached file contains a suspected infection or a false positive (for example, in this case start the subject with "potential Phishing URLs").
2. In the body of the email: Attach any relevant information that may help our lab identify the issue including: COMPLETE URL(s), screenshots, detailed descriptions, why you think the site may be a phishing site, etc.
They cannot reply to every submission but they are generally good about reacting one way or another (block or whitelist) within 48 hours.
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