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Error Updating Smart Security 8

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I'm currently attempting to update my Smart Security 8 version 8.0.304.0 to 8.0.312.0 and I'm running into an installation error.


The update program launches and executes the following steps:

1. Gathers info

2. Prepares to remove old version

3. It then attempts to install the updated version but instead presents the following error message: "The specified account already exists" and the upgrade program then backs out of the upgrade process.


I've experienced this problem for the past couple months and every time I receive a message to upgrade to the new version, I go through the same process and end up with the same error result.


Hopefully someone can shed some light on what's causing this problem.




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I tried to run this utility but it doesn't support Windows 10.


My Smart Security firewall isn't working and I need to update my application to support Windows 10 but I can't get the updating program to work!


Any other suggestions?

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