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Roaming devices and ERA Proxy

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Some background

We have an ERA Server hosted in the cloud with no LAN access to endpoints.  The endpoints will either connect to the ERA server directly via the internet when roaming or via an ERA Proxy when in the office.  The ERA Proxy is not accessible from the internet.

I have dynamic groups and policies setup to give the Agent on the endpoints the correct server depending on their network location.


It has occurred to me that the following situation might occur

  1. Laptop is turned on in the office and gets the settings for the local ERA Proxy server applied.
  2. Laptop gets shutdown.
  3. Laptop gets booted back up outside the office, but can no longer contact the ERA Proxy to receive the new configuration.


My problem/question

I've seen that the option in the policy for "Servers to connect to" can take multiple servers.

If I specify multiple servers, what will happen?

  • Round Robin?
  • Contact all servers with every update?
  • Prioritised list?

I've had a good look in the documentation but there appears to be very few docs about the actual endpoint agent.




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  • Solution

Agent attempts to connect to the first ERA Server or ERA Proxy in the list. If the attempt fails (e.g. due to being inaccessible, issues with the certificate, etc.), agent will attempt to connect to the next server in the list and so on.

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