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Detected ARP cache poisioning attack

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I think you will need to provide more information to have any chance of a specific reply.


What is the IP address / device from which the ARP cache attack comes? Is it always your router? What router do you use?

Are you getting ARP attacks from another PC? Is that PC running AV software? How long have the attacks been occurring?

What's your network topography, about how many and what sort of devices are connected, what software (OS and AV) is used thoughout?


Or to answer your question in another way, ESET is designed to protect you from and report possible malware attacks however false positives can occur. Not easy to say what is causing your notification with the available information

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The source IP address is 192.168 0.3

My router is virgin media

I use ESET smart security and malwarebytes antimalware

Any idea how I check where the IP address is from? (It's a private IP)

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