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Remove systems from ERA without accessing the systems


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I have a bit of an odd situation. I work for an Managed Services Provider and we sell and manage ESET Endpoint products for our clients. We have ERA 5 running on one of our physical servers. Through the dissolution of partnerships, I have 3 systems that once belonged to a client that show up in ERA that no longer belong to him. These went with other partners to other firms. I no longer have physical or remote desktop access to these systems as they were transferred out before we were made aware it was going to happen. Clients convey IT related plans to their IT services provider? No need for that, right!? But I digress...


What I am looking for is a way to remove these from out managed services. If I delete them from ERA, the systems will check in and pull their license back. I'm thinking that I can send the systems a new configuration that no longer contains the remote administration or username/password information and then remove the systems from ERA, that should do it. Anyone know of a reason why this might not work or have a better way?

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Well, that didn't work. Even sent a config with localhost as the remote admin server. All that did was clear the Custom 1 info and the device still reaches to our ERA and snags an available license. 


Is there a way other than re-gaining remote access to the system and removing the software? The client who has these installations isn't exactly returning our calls...

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