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EFS 6.0.12035.0 / Server 2012 R2 RAM Usage

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Hello all,


We have been testing EFS 6 on a basic 2012 R2 build.  We have been testing to see what it does on a server that in essence is doing nothing.  We have seen that on two systems (both 2012 R2) the RAM usage builds up and up.  To the point after a week or so that it sits around 580MB.  For a good few days the usage will be around 100MB max,


We have tested it on an Email server too, excluding anything linked to the email.  The same thing happens.


So, my question, on a basic file server do nothing, as in no shares, no IIS, no SQL etc. etc. is half a GB of RAM usage normal for EFS 6?  The biggest shock on on the box that literally does nothing but still having a large footprint from EFS.


These servers have 32GB RAM, so .5GB isn't an issue, however we have read about memory leaks so being putting it live really want to make sure it's OK or if we need to make changes.


Any guidance would be great!

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Please download Procdump from https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/dd996900.aspx. When ekrn is consuming too much memory, run procdump -ma ekrn as administrator. When done, compress the dump, upload it to a safe location and pm me the download link.

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