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Undocumented serious error.

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OK... so where to start. I just bought a brand new laptop through Best Buy.




That was the laptop I bought. So far, everything is great. But... Nod32. I downloaded the latest version of the Antivirus 8. I installed it fine, activated it fine. It ran the first time scan fine. No issues.


So... then it tried to do a virus definition update. I got an Undocumented error. I've already tried all the basic routines. I've tried turning off the proxy, clearing the cache, restarting and so forth.


The odd thing... my wife has the same laptop, we bought ours together. Hers is doing the same thing. Same error on both laptops. I've got WIndow's 8.1 and so does she.


Any advice? Fresh install of Windows 8.1, everything up to date with Windows updates, and tried all previous steps.


I can turn on my alienware right now with Windows 7 and install the virus definitions with no issues.


Another issues I noticed was that the definitions pause after a certain amount of kb downloaded. It's like at the end of each file download, it stalls for a few minutes before moving to the next. It hasn't done that, ever, on the Alienware I had.


Any advice?

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Hi, when people buy computers they usually come either bundled or with free trial software. Would this laptop have an anti virus installed by any chance?


If so this may well be the problem because you should only be running one anti virus at anytime.... no matter brand, no matter make, this includes ESET too because there is always a chance of conflicts, not only will it cause conflicts it may even cause 'hogging' and slowdowns as well as BSOD's.


Should this be the case then I would be uninstalling the one you don't want, it is imperative it is uninstalled correctly, this usually means using their removal tool, using add remove programs is not always the answer and can lead to problems due to incomplete removal...... one AV I had before coming to NOD32 left a load of files even after using their removal tool.


There is also another important thing you must do before attempting to remove ANY anti virus program and that is to disable it's 'self protection module', this is usually done in the GUI.


Don't overlook the fact thats things do happen during downloads that could quite easily corrupt the down load itself, the corruption could be cause by anything,  anything external to your internet connection even.


So, do check and see if any other anti virus is installed would be the first thing 'I' myself would do.



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If you want, I could connect to your computer and troubleshoot the issue myself. Otherwise contact customer care as we'll need further logs and files for analysis.

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