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How to hide the automatic warning when web access is disabled

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Several of our OS X machines have reported being unable to visit websites at random during their workday. We are looking into what specifically causes the issue and have determined this is due to a part of ESET Endpoint blocking access. Reboot, uninstall or disabling web access protection has all worked for regaining access.


Edit: We have been able to locate the evil daemon: esets_proxy . If we kill this process it restarts itself and the user is able to use the internet normally again.


We have disabled the  Web access and Anti-Phishing protection via policy as a test, but now all machines are reporting an error in the ERA V6 console. I cannot seem to be able to disble this specific error in de ERA console. I can mute users, but now I am unsure if I have not muted everything from these users? I should not be receiving a warning if this is done via a correctly applied policy?

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This may help.  ESET support sent it to me.


Please follow the steps below to disable alerts regarding Anti-Phishing being disabled and non-functional:

1. Open ESET Remote Administrator and navigate to Admin -> Policies.

2. Edit an existing policy for ESET Endpoint or create a new policy.

3. In the policy, navigate to  User Interface.

4. Click Edit next to Application statuses.

5. Expand Anti-Phishing Protection. 

6. Disable Show and Send for both disabled and non-functional.

7. Click OK and Finish to save the settings.

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Please do not reply to such old topics. I'm positive that the OP is not seeking an answer any more. Especially do not advise users how to substantially deteriorate ESET's protection against malware.

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