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ESET on Facebook doesn't work!


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Today, 07th July 2015 I found my account disabled as Facebook was imposing me to use the ESET online scan as it was supposing there was a maleware on my PC. 
I did scan my PC with ESET and it has found two supposed maleware (win32/IntsallCoreZH), that has been removed.
In spite of that I still can’t access my Account, while if, by using the same PC, I try to access with another account it works properly and let me in.

There is NO SUPPORT for this in Facebook, no way to get support if I don’t access that of course I can’t do as you don’t let me in, and anyway there is no support at all for this ESET issue.

No support from Eset either!


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1, ESET is not responsible for disabling your Facebook account.

2, InstallCore is not malware but a potentially unwanted application. As such, it doesn't pose any security risk to users.


That said, we'd strongly suggest contacting Facebook to resolve the issue.

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When I tried using my Chrome browser today as usual I got knocked out of Facebook, and I was able to log back on but then a pop up said, "It looks like your computer is being affected by malware. ...We’ll help you fix the problem to keep your account secure and prevent malware from spreading to friends.
Malware is software that tries to steal personal information and causes problems when you use Facebook. Clicking or sharing links that contain spam can give your computer malware."  In order to gain access to my profile, I would have to download ESET scanner, but that's not something I want to be mandated to do. I have my own malware software to use.


Bottom line there is nothing wrong with my computer or my Chrome browser, I did a scan and no threat was detected. I also uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it. I have access to all other websites on the Internet with Chrome but not on Facebook. But I can use my IE browser to log in without a problem on Facebook. It seems to me that Facebook together with ESET finding a vulnerability in Chrome browser that makes it able to mandate you download ESET?


Anyone know how I can enable my Chrome again to use to log in and access my Facebook account without being hijacked to download ESET scanner?

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I also have a friend that said he was mandated to download ESET malware scanner last night and he was on Firefox, and he also tried IE but to no avail. If he wanted access to his Facebook profile account, he had to download ESET. He said that it will delete things it doesn't like or maybe it confuses some programs or apps as threats, but it deleted his WinZip, apparently without asking him first.

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More information about the cooperation of Facebook and ESET can be find here: ESET and Facebook - not a good idea

Basically it's notable to say that Facebook blocks your account and they are the only ones can unblock it.


About WinZip this is surely only a PUA detection:

So in this case the user was asked before, because the detection of PUA is completely optional in every ESET software.

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