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Unable to download live installers

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I am currently unable to download the live installers from ERA V6. I am also unable to add any software to the repository as there is nowhere for me to do so and I cannot find any documentation on how to create this repository.


I believe these are the pertinent log lines for the download issues but I am unable to find anywhere that explains to me what the status codes are. Can an ESET employee help with either telling me what the error codes mean, or how to setup a local software repository for AV/ERA agents?


Log files lines:


2015-07-06 18:41:04 Error: CRepositoryModule [Thread f88]: GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request (status: 20017)
2015-07-06 18:41:21 Error: CRepositoryModule [Thread a30]: GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request (status: 20017)
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Error 20017 means HTTP_SERVER_ERROR. Are you continually getting this error or it was just a temporary glitch? If you have a possibility to try a different Internet connection, please do so.


Custom repositories are not supported yet, you can only specify a file's url when creating a software install task.

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