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MSIL/Injector.YT Trojaner - How to delete it?

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Hey Guys,


I've a problem. Since some days it seems i got a Variant of the MSIL/Injector.YT Trojaner. At least Eset Nod32, Version 8 is showing it to me. It is not able to clean it, so i tried some other stuff. (Also Browsing this Forum and had a look in the Thread from Roberteo


I also used the posted List in this Thread and tried to clean the system with different tools. They didn't found anything. After that i was using a kaspersky rescue disc - nothing found. 

So since Nod 32 is showing me in the Log-Data "Hey you have something" but is still showing me the green arrow "maximal protection", i'm not sure where the Problem is?


Any Ideas to solve the Problem?


System: Legal Windows 7, 64 Bit, Legal Nod32 version 8.





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  • ESET Staff



If you can provide me with the ESET logs in a PM, I can try to help verify what is causing the alerts to trigger.  Please follow the instructions below and then PM me the zip file made.



1. Download the ESET log collection tool by clicking or copy/pasting the following URL into the address bar of your web browser:
2. Save the file "ESETLogCollector.exe" to the desktop of your system.
3. Right-click the file and select "Run as administrator". If prompted, enter the username and password for an administrative account.
4. Click "Accept" to accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA).
5. Click "Collect & Archive". This will generate a zipped archive containing logs from your system and any installed ESET antivirus product. The archive will be saved using the file path and file name specified in the "Save archive as" field.
Please wait until you see the message "All files have been collected and archived." It may take some time to process.
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