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Certificate Format when creating MST

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To Whom It May Concern:


When following the instructions for creating the MST, I need to provide t content of the Agent Peer and Certificate Authority certificates in Base64 format.


Unfortunately, when downloading these from the web console as directed, I am not provided with a properly formatted text file.  The file does not begin and end with the BEGIN CERTIFICATE / END CERTIFICATE test.  I noticed that in the batch file of the installation package for remote installations, this is the same; the certificates do not start and end as required for Base 64 format.


I was able to download the full certificate for both the agent (comes as a pfx file) and the server (comes as a .der).  After the conversion of the pfx to Base64, the formatting is correct.


I was not able to open these files and copy and paste into the MST Property row because the text is formatted as multiplied.  I was able to right click on the row in the MST and choose the option to insert text file, this worked without issue.


The installation did not complete after generating this transform.  My question is than, which format is proper for this software?  Is my virtual appliance not working properly when presenting the non-standard Base64 version of the certificate?  Or is this the required method for getting the MST to work correctly?



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