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V9 Secure Browser Issues

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Checking to see if anyone else is having a problem with the secure browser, Internet Explore and PayPal.


I have turned in a ticket so the techs will check it out.


I can not use the secure browser for PayPal but can use it to get to my bank.


It is only with Internet Explorer and FireFox works.


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I guess no one else is having this problem. ESET responded to my ticket and said they did not find a problem.  Again, I experience the problem only with IE and only with PayPal.  FireFox works with both my bank and PayPal.   IE stops working when I go into PayPal using the secure browser, and a notice comes up that shows a process of trying to resolve.  The end result is to close IE as it can not connect with the PayPal severs.  Best I can explain it.  

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