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Error updating signature DB

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Guest Nurgle

v 6.0.316.0

Signature 8541

Windows Vista 64


The db fails when it trys to auto update, and when i manually do it i see it get to stage 5 /7 and then fail.


Any suggestions on what the issue might be or what i should try?





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Hello Nurgle. Are you getting an error message or code? I find it interesting that the clear cache option isn't available. I believe signature 8541 would have been on July 8, 2013. Have you looked at these references? 





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Guest Nurgle

ive had a look thru yes, i wonder if its not the latest software update

the error simply says on screen and in logs

"Error downloading file from update server"

yes i have a net connection :)

yes I have rebooted etc

and re entered my user/pass


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Hi Nurgle,


Lately there have been some instances where Clear Update Cache is greyed out like you describe. In some cases, you can restore the clear update cache functionality by restarting your computer and then attempting an update. The update will most likely fail again, after this happens open Advanced setup and navigate to update > update. The Clear Update Cache button should be available and once the cache is cleared, updates should be successful.


Let me know if this works for you,



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