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how to handle v6 EEA clients not on domain or even on site

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In v5 we used to be able to install the client on standalone computers that traveled outside our network.  They would get virus DB updates from the internet.  And i used to be able to do an IP scan to find computers that weren't on the domain and install the client.  With v6 how do I handle these clients that aren't domain computers.  My ERA is NOT open to the interweb, but they do VPN in usually on a daily basis so could they check in the ERA if I somehow got the agent and v6 client installed?  I have to update my existing v5 "non-domain, not on our network currently" laptops.  Thanks for your help.

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In v5 you could install a standalone client and it would get updates from the internet.  How is this possible in v6?  These remote laptops do VPN in daily, but i don't otherwise have the ERA appliance open to the internet.  Deploying the client on v5 i could also just do by searching an IP range and the non domain would show up.  How can i do that now in v6 where my static groups are all sync'd via AD.  



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What we do is this:


  • Install Agent and ERA onto the clients
  • Clients get updates from internet
  • Clients communicate to ERA via a FQDN (e.g. eset.company.com, on port 2222)
  • ERA listens on port 2222
  • Port 2222 is open in firewall


That way, it makes no difference if client is on LAN or on internet.


We do this for 170+ clients.




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