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Creating a Dynamic Group Showing Mobile Devices (Android)

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Dear folks,


i would like to create a dynamic group which is showing android devices / mobile devices.


Therefore, I created a template:


Condition: OR

OS-Name CONTAINS "Android"

OS-Type CONTAINS "Android"


I applied this template to the newly created dynamic group.


However, none of the mobile devices appears in the dynamic group. When I click on Details of any mobile device, it clearly shows "Android" as value of the property "OS-Name" or "OS-Type".


What's wrong?


Any help highly appreciated! :)


Kind Regards,



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If anyone is interested: This problem solved itself over night... Maybe it takes some time, until the new template applies?


Membership in dynamic groups is evaluated by agents on local clients, ie. it's accomplished by multiagent in the case of MDM and mobile devices. How long it takes for dynamic groups to apply depends on several variables, such as the interval for MDM agent to connect to ERAS, the number of mobile devices connecting to ERAS, etc. 

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