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My pc is getting controlled?

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So it seems and it hasn't happened the first time, its happened about maybe 6/7 times in the last 1.5-2 years. Anyways it seems something/someone is controlling my computer.

the mouse cursor moves, it right clicks by its self, drags the mouse, does alot of weird stuff but for a short period of time. it used to happen after playing a few MP games like CSGo,Dota 2, DayZ, now it recently happend after running a test on 3d Mark.

Now i have formated many times, ran many scans - eset smart secuity and malware bytes, have firewall turned on.

ive scanned and picked up 0 virus.

Is there anything else i can do?

I even changed computers, even bought new keyboards and mouse's and still same problem.


i am getting worried now.


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It could still be a hardware issue. Does it happen after disconnecting the computer from network? What about disconnecting your mouse and keyboard when the issue occurs? If that doesn't help either, check if starting Windows in safe mode makes a difference.

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Hello thanks for the reply, well it used to happen on a keyboard i used to own a razer gaming keyboard, it was really weird it literally felt like someone was controlling my computer. it kept opening up stuff, typing to me, draging the cursor, doing all weird stuff, it stopped shorty after i closed the program Steam. And thats when i had my new old PC



Now i have a new PC, New Hardware, New Keyboard/Mouse and it seems to still happen not as much but it happend a few nights ago, so i formatted my PC.


Is Eset' Firewall on maxium protection? i have a paid eset smart secuity licence. Is someone accessing my PC. Also i don't vist dodgy sites or have dodgy software its all legal programs.



Could it be that dodgy keyboard? a really bad macro or faulty? as i said its happend maybe 6/7 times threw out the 1.5-2 years.


so its rarely.


Next time ill do your advice, but for the mean time is there anything i can do?

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The below screen shot is for WIN 7. If you use WIN 8, find the equivalent area.


Do the following sequence. Click Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Remote Settings. Then ensure that Remote Assistance is not checked.


It is possible that someone is getting control of your PC through that feature.



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If your keyboard and mouse are wireless is it possible that something close to the computer is causing intrference?

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