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ESET NOD32 Antivirus & Spiceworks

Guest Evan

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Guest Evan



The company I work for uses ESET NOD32 business edition as our domain's antivirus. We have recently implemented spiceworks and everything is running great. However, for some reason, Spiceworks shows that a majority of our domain's computers and servers are running without antivirus protection, even though ESET is installed on every single machine. Does anyone here know why Spiceworks doesn't report that ESET is running? I have also posted this in Spiceworks' forum, but no one can give a solid answer.


I greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.


Thank you,



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Hi Evan,


I'm a Support Engineer at Spiceworks. Chances are your machines are not fully scanned in and Spiceworks is unable to grab the software listing and AV information from each device. Please email support@spiceworks.com (we're free) and we can grab some more information from you and get you sorted. :) Let me know if you have any questions.



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Guest Muchacho 77

We use Spiceworks and ESET here as well.  We see this with servers all the time. 


Apparently Spiceworks uses the Windows Security Center subsystem to figure out if the AV is up-to-date, but since the Server OS's don't have/run the Security Center, Spiceworks doesn't know how to get the AV status. 


At least, according to this:




They claim that some/many AV products are also handled directly: 


"...a handful of antivirus programs are supported by name, without you having to do anything. This is especially handy for servers that may not support Security Center."


From my experience, ESET AV for File Servers isn't one of those. :/

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