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ERA fails to deploy, most of the time

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Hello ESET Community,

My company has just purchased ESET for over 160 enodes. I have setup my ERA 6.x server to the best of my ability following ESET documentation. No issues intergrating with AD and setting up static groups however deploying agents & AV to four computers took almost an hour with the AV no making it onto all of the four computers and not all of them are activating. We are removing Trend Micro via the Trend Micro management console and we are verifying successful removal of Trend Micro but at this rate I could walk around and manually install ESET by hand. Any thoughts would be helpful.




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Just to make sure that I understand it correctly. Agent is installed on all those 4 problematic computers and you see them in ERAS, right? However, installation of Endpoint is either failing on them or, if succeeds, the clients don't activate (even if you send an activation task to them).

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