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Hello together,


is there a possibility to get more informations about discovered threats?

In the threats view on the ERA there are only few infos about the threats and its location on the affected client.

Would be great to know where a threat was discoverd on the client (directory, hdd...).


In my eyes its also a little bit confusing that you get the clients info dialog when you click on a threat and choose "Details". I think there should a

dialog be opened with infos about the threat I clicked on...for example location, perhaps an description of the threat or some thing like that.


thanks in advance


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Hey ingo!


This is a big complaint that's been said many times here on the forums. This was a feature that was available in previous versions of ERA. We've managed to come up with a workaround to generate a report that provides all the information we're looking for and more. I'd show you a screenshot of my setup, but the upload feature is being weird.\


Just create a new Report Template and under Data, add these columns:

  • Computer name 
  • Object URI - this shows the path of the infected or problematic file(s)
  • Antivirus Threat - the actual threat type you already see (e.g. Win32/Trojan.Q)

You can add additional columns if you wish or require, but I prefer those three because it gives the information that I need. Also, you can't modify the sizes of the columns so if a threat has a long path, it gets truncated as more columns are added. 

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Hello bbraunstein,


sorry for the late reply.

Tthanks for the report, that helps a bit!


and we look forward to an improved and more, lets call it, logic era 6.2 ;-)


best regards


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