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Alternativ Notification like Eras V5 Notification Manager

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i need some informations.


In the old Version of Eras V5 there was a possibility to create a log File if a event triggers.


A log file could be create like this:


Clientlist: %CLIENT_LIST%


Logfile: %LOG_LIST%


We Need this to Trigger some actions (like scripts etc.)

Is there a way to do this in the V6 Version?




Thanks for help






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I am not aware of other notifications than the ones in the webconsole in Admin > Notifications.

However, you can also have the server create automated reports and follow them on the Dashboard.

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Yes i know,but in the past we get a mail from the Eras Server, that a Client has a Virus XYZ + User XYZ + path + other infos.

So a non eset-admin can look on the Client without accessing the web console from eset.

... i call this time efficiency ...


Actual we do this over a report in a pdf, ist a way but not the perfect way.

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