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Eset IS Detecting My File (Clean File)

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Hello Everybody ,
First , I’M Sorry If The Topic Not In The Correct Forum

Second .. This File Is Clean But Eset Is Saying It's Infected :angry:
I Made This File For Testing AV Engines (False Positives)

I Hope To Analyse The File From Eset Labs and Tell Me The File Is False Positive Or No
I'M Sure The Source Is Very Clean But The File Suspect Of Eset Becuse The Encrypt ;)


Download Link: hxxp://download1076.mediafire.com/a5mdawxibyyg/86traiiethstce3/Mpress.rar
Password To Unrar The File: infected


Note : I’M Sent The File To The specialized Website ,But I’M Didn’T Receive Any Answer :o


Very Thanks. :wub:

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We will not discuss detection of a tool that has no clear purpose and outputs "You have been hacked!". The file will remain detected and this topic closed.

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