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Failed to repair infected files

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- Eset can now remove viruses: Win32 / Virut.NBP virus.
- But in the process of recovery.
- Eset damaging infected files.
- And the results of the program have been cleared.
- Program cannot opened.
- Supposedly infected files Win32 / Virut can be fixed without any damage caused by the virus itself.
- Files that have been scanned and clean in ESET will be broken (has stopped working).
- But if in the scan with MSE will fix back (no error).

1. Eset simply delete the infected file and quarantine the virus, but file restore corrupt or error.
2. If using MSE infected file can be recovered and the application can be used again.
3. I hope ESET can fix the problem of infected files Win32 / Virut this.
4. Here I attach a file that is infected with the virus Win32 / Virut.

Password: infected

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Please submit several exe pairs (clean functional files with infected equivalents) to ESET as per these instructions: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN141. Did you change update servers to pre-release or you update from standard update servers (default)?

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