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Subnet not update through the mirror.

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The machines that are on the subnet not update through the mirror.



Note: Machines are the main network update normally using the same configuration.




Is there some setting I can do for the subnet stations seek updates from the main network?

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It's not clear what is the difference between "the subnet" and "the main network". If it's a different VLAN, do the clients see the server with the mirror? Are you able to open update.ver in a browser?

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The difference between networks "main" and "subnet" is in Ips range.

Home network: 192.x.x.x
Subnet: 172.x.x.x

The mirror is in the network "192.xxx", All machines of this ip range update.

The machines on the subnet "172.xxx" can not get the mirror Updates

Error message: Unauthorized access

Through the internet the range of 172 machines update.

My question is: Is there a different configuration to run the ESET console in this scenario?

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