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Firefox Freezes due to ESETS Daemon

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If I let my iMac go to sleep and then return and resume work with Firefox open, i get repeated hangs with the Spinning Beach Ball of Death.  It doesn't last long but long enough to slow down my work pace.  The only message console shows is that this has to do with ESET.  It is the only message generated at the times of the issue.


5/29/15 2:28:34.550 PM esets_daemon[255]: summ[00ff0800]: vdb=24084, agent=fac, name="/Users/DMac/Library/Caches/Firefox/Profiles/l3h2na0e.New DC/cache2/index.tmp", virus="", action="", info="Event occurred on a newly created file.", avstatus="not scanned", hop="accepted"


Yet, it happens over and over again but typically only after I've allowed the computer to go to sleep for a time.


Anyone have any ideas what the deal is?  I am not technically advanced so please keep this in mind.

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This is a similar issue mentioned in an earlier topic here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/3552-random-freezes-and-crashes-by-esets-daemon/

Was experiencing the same issues. Still checking with version if it has been resolved.

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